Monday, 23 April 2012

Raffles International Fashion Show

The catwalk at Raffles International fashion show

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Raffles International fashion show held at the Hilton here in Chennai. Raffles is a design school and this show was an opportunity for the fashion design students to show their collections. My hosts for the evening were R and S, friends of my parents from when we lived here in the 1980s. They have continued to be wonderful friends to my family, as evidenced by their kindness towards me, and I'm feeling very fortunate that my parents made such lasting bonds during their travels.

The reception before it got too crowded for pictures

Prior to the fashion show, there was a reception attended by a surprisingly diverse crowd. I was introduced by R to the consul general's from Japan, Singapore and Canada, as well as business executives from companies like Singapore Airlines, etc. As an unemployed student, I felt very out of place! I did find it a bit odd to think that my days are spent with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups here in Chennai while my nights are spent at glittering parties. Sometimes my life here is very strange.

More of the reception 

The evening was also a great opportunity to hear more about my parents' friendship with R and S. Apparently, they were guests at R and S's wedding and were even presented with traditional Indian outfits for the ceremony. As S reports, my mother apparently wore the sari very well and looked beautiful. No word on how pretty dad looked...

S, A and R

The show itself was really professional and the collections were impressive. I thought R and S's daughter A's collection was easily the most inspired, using the violin as her inspiration. She also came across as the most professional and serious. Her parents were understandably very proud! After the show, R and S took me for a quick and tasty vegetarian restaurant near my flat. It was so good my flatmate and I ordered in from the same restaurant the next day. Paneer butter masala, you are so tasty.

A walking the final lap with her models 

Overall I had a fantastic time and am really grateful to this lovely family for sharing their daughter's big night with me! Even though I felt like such an imposter having my photo taken by the press at the event, both at the entrance and during the reception. And of course, that day was the one when we were treated to a lovely 9 to 5 power cut so who knows what my hair was doing. Figures it would happen on the one day I'm going to be photographed... Oh Chennai...

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