Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sri Lanka Day 3: Swimming Club and the Beach

*Once again, sorry for the lack of posts! I'm down to my last five days here in India and so things have been predictably hectic. I'll try and get the final Sri Lanka posts up today to finish the catch up*

Day three in Sri Lanka was probably the best in terms of weather, although my favourite activity was still to come. Taking advantage of the sunshine, Samia and I went with Evan to the Colombo Swimming Club to take some pictures and poke around during the day time. I was on the hunt for a plaque with my Dad's childhood swimming record on it, which proved extremely difficult to find. After being told to return the next day to speak to one of the other staff members, we settled for taking photos in the sunshine. I was a bit sad that we didn't get any sunbathing in during this trip! I've managed to live in India for 5 and a half months and still maintained my Casper-like appearance because it's just too hot to stay out in the sun for any amount of time. Looking forward to trying to improve the situation when I get to Rome!

View from the Swimming Club's balcony 

Swimming club

The pool! Looked so inviting! 

View from over the back wall

Main building 

Beautiful place to relax

Swimming records 

More swimming records 

After lunch, Evan took us for a quick drive around Colombo, pointing out the various buildings and sites. He was a wonderful tour guide, although I'm not sure my photos will do his tour justice!

Down by the water

It's a popular place to walk and socialize 


Ministry of Finance (I think)

Water's edge 

After we arrived home, we enjoyed some home cooked lunch with Sumitha, Raju and Sooraj. While Sri Lankan food does have some similarities with Indian food, I found it to be spicier in most instances. Not so hot that it couldn't be enjoyed, but definitely with a kick.

Lunch time!

Finally, we headed off to one of the beach areas outside Colombo for dinner with all the 'kids', The drive was about 2 hours both ways so unfortunately we arrived after dark. This meant I didn't get very good photos so instead I'll share this one from the drive... I just like the colors.

Next up: the blog post I'm really excited to write! 

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