Monday, 25 June 2012

Making my television debut...

A few weeks ago, Nipsi's band was asked to play a gig in celebration of the Park Hotel's tenth anniversary. So, Samia and I headed over to watch them play and to get some dinner. On the way, we happened to catch their radio interview as well. It was so strange to listen to the radio and actually know the artists being interviewed! I was really proud of Nipsi and the guys, they've worked really hard and its so nice to see them getting the recognition they deserve. 

The Mediterranean platter at the Park's 601 

The band, BLaNK, is made up of two DJs, Manny and Skip, and Nipsi (although she goes by her full name Nirupama). Manny lays the tracks with his equipment while Skip and Nipsi layer different elements over them. Skip uses the turn tables while Nipsi brings in her flute and vocals. It's a strange combination, a flautist and two DJs, but it really, really works. I would literally have never thought of it!

BLaNK: Nirupama, DJ Skip, and DJ Manny 

DJ Skip

Anyway, this all brings me to my (minimal) television debut. Nipsi works for NDTV, one of the big channels here in India, and had been asked to cover the event while also playing with BLaNK. After goofing around with her microphone and generally being obnoxious, she asked me if I wanted to give a sound bite about Blank and the whole event. 

Reporter Nipsi hard at work 

Correspondent Caitie at your service

I agreed and the video below is the result. I come in somewhere around 2:29... So embarrassing! I was pretty nervous because I wanted to make sure to portray the whole thing well in support of Nipsi. Also, I think I sound a little ditzy because I was trying so hard to hit all the different keywords I thought they might want ("Park Hotel", "radio interview", "BLaNK", "Leather Bar", etc). Also the editing means I reference the radio stuff twice... oops. So, for any readers who don't personally know me... I promise I usually try to sound a bit more competent! 

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  1. Love this! You don't sound ditzy at all. I was amused that below you, there was a headline flashing, "COAL SCAM INQUIRY" mwahaha.