Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"The Story of Silk"

The event

On Sunday, my flatmates and I headed over to our friend Hichem's store, the Silkworm Boutique, here in Chennai for a concert by Anil Srinivasan. The event was to celebrate the release of a CD of a recent concert he participated in with another artist, Sikkil C. Gurucharan. The proceeds of the CD's sale will go to benefit the NalandaWay, a charity which seeks to improve the lives of abused or abandoned children here in India.

Mr. Srinivasan

As Mr. Srinivasan explained during his concern, one of the programs that will benefit particularly from the sale of the CD is focused on helping female children in difficult circumstances. It's a great cause and the event was beautiful. Set in Hichem's sari store, the music was a mix of classical (such as Robert Schumann) and Carnatic ragas, which he played as piano pieces.

Mr. Srinivasan and the audience

Silkworm Boutique after the concert finished

As a surprise to everyone, including Mr. Gurucharan, he was asked to join Mr. Srinivasan for the final song. This was really interesting to hear and I was impressed by how easily he slipped into performing mode.

Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Gurucharan

When the concert concluded, there were samosas and other snacks outside along with a birthday cake for Mr. Srinivasan. After staying to mingle for a little bit, Samia and I headed out for dinner at the Park Hotel's "601" restaurant. I ordered the "American burger" (minus the fried egg and mushrooms that usually accompany it!) and was shocked by its size! It's unusual to find such American sizing here in Chennai. That said, it was absolutely delicious. It's amazing the way having a familiar meal in a foreign country can just make you feel so comfortable and happy.

Flatmate photo! Lulu, me and Nipsi

Saris at Silkworm Boutique

Saris at Silkworm Boutique

Saris at Silkworm Boutique

Saris at Silkworm Boutique
Saris at Silkworm Boutique

Saris at Silkworm Boutique

Finally, to top off the night, we ran into Hichem (Samia's cousin) and her brother Omar at the hotel's "Leather Bar", where we joined them for a celebratory glass of champagne. Hichem should really be proud of such an excellent event!

The "American Burger" with my phone for scale 

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